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Re: 1968 Series IIA Carawagon
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Small update on this - there isn't too much to report, as the head strip-down has been followed by much slacking.

The largely un-planned for arrival of the Carawagon in the garage left us relying on a kindly neighbour's driveway for over-spill parking, so the priority has really been to find more permanent storage. As usual, I've been on the receiving-end of considerable undeserved luck and am able to use a relative's garage in the next town, in exchange for nothing more than the occasional odd job around the house.

The only draw-back is that the garage in question hasn't been adapted for Land Rovers, so the roof has had to come off - no qualms with that while it's not going anywhere. Having previously only removed the basic hard-top from my Series III, this was something of a saga by comparison - around five hours. The bonus of internal standing room did not go unappreciated. Taking my time paid off, as everything came apart without damage.

Immediately after arrival at its new home. Roof up for obligatory inspection by intrigued neighbours:

Wiring above the rear door was the first thing to come out - part of the scruffy job related to the aftermarket interior lighting:

Why do a proper job when you can use duct tape? Previous owners have a lot to answer for:

Screws holding the windscreen blind in place were rather reluctant to budge:

Access to the roof bolts requires removal of aluminium trim all-round. The notch in this piece supports one end of the roof beds when they are in use:

Both roof beds are held in place along one side by a row of rivets. All came out:

Trim above the side windows shares fixing rivets with the top window channels, which are accessed from the outside:

'Paraphernalia Pockets' released from their fixings on each side:

Roof trim removal revealed more wiring atrocities:

Trim mostly removed - looking quite bare:

Seat-belt mounting brackets had to come out to enable removal of the final two trim pieces:

Roof in its entirety finally free. Rather a lot heavier than a standard one:

All finally squeezed into the garage. It's a reluctant roller, so considerable profanity was involved. Cardboard in place to take drips - eleven years of standing still hasn't seen-off all the EP90:

The plan now is still to get it initially running and driving, as pushing the stiff bugger in-and-out of the garage isn't something I want to be doing too often. It takes four people even on the flat, to give an idea. Then it'll be gradual removal and re-furbishment of parts, until I have a garage containing a drive-able chassis, and a pile of parts sorted and ready for re-assembly. When time and money allow, it'll then be temporarily back home for the full re-build - there is life in the original chassis, so if I still can't weld by that point, the forum will be receiving a call for aid. Once road-worthy, it'll be back to this garage - the medium-term plan will be to run the lifting roof in stripped-down form (no trim, paraphernalia pockets and roof beds), to allow it in-and-out without excessive dismantlement. The full set-up will have to wait until I have somewhere more suitable for storage. I'm trying not to get too excited here, as the timescale for all that probably runs into several years!

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