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Re: 1962 - 2a - 109" "Freda"
« Reply #15 on: May 28, 2017, 10:24:17 pm »
Ok so we had a great time a shell island, can`t wait for next year and hopefully I`ll have my trailer restored by then so we can bring a fire pit and wood.
however we have a problem in that the gearbox threw a wobbly just north of Wrexham on the way back home, 3rd and 4th gear sound like there about to go into orbit so we nursed her back over the peaks and moors with second gear but she got us home and I cant ask any more of 50+ year old truck really.

so do I get the box and strip it or do I find a replacement box ?

Cheers Chris
Boilersmith and Welder - North Yorkshire Moors Railway.