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Re: Finally Joined
« on: July 26, 2018, 07:52:52 pm »
I did think of buying a school friend's Land Rover when he wanted rid of it, but it was in too poor a condition at the time and I didn't fancy trying to rebuild it. My older brother had a 1955 86" 30 years ago, but that was in too poor a condition to sort - I had bodged the chassis up with bits of iron bedstead, and the bulkhead flapped around a bit. A new chassis and bulkhead were way beond my means at the time. He eventually sold it and it was broken for parts - I would have transferred its Warwickshire numberplate off first as the new owner promptly sold it on!

I seriously considered getting rid of mine in the early 80s having fitted a recon engine that turned out to be duff, but persisted and fitted another one in 1988 - the one that was removed last year to fit the 2.5 petrol. Yes I have an old fashioned metal petrol can in the tool locker under the seat, but have never had to use it. I did have a jerry can that was bolted where the spare wheel used to be in the back. It used to fizz a bit in hot weather when I had the top off! I can't remember when or why I got rid of it. The fuel consumption on a run is no worse than the old engine, but I intend to fit some 4.1 differentials that I built up to go with the TDI engine that are sat in the cellar. It definitely feels a bit undergeared at the moment; I also have a Stage 1 speedo that should be just about right for the increased ratios. I have 205 radial tyres and can't fit bigger ones as it wont go in the garage if I do.

My last temptation was a 1950 80" on St Mary's that was tatty but obviously had been mechanically overhauled. At the end of the day, I said to Her Ladyship there is nothing you could do with it that I can't already do with mine (my Land Rover that is). Interestingly it came up on E-bay and went for under 10k the next week - it even had its original Staffordshire registration on it.

So I still have the same one and intend to keep it that way. A Land Rover is for life in my humble.

Sunny Jim
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