Author Topic: Clarence Town GPA Swim in 2019 NSW Australia  (Read 250 times)

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Clarence Town GPA Swim in 2019 NSW Australia
« on: November 03, 2019, 10:07:57 pm »
G'day All,
Well we made it through the 2 day event with just a few drama's LOL well the club's motto is "what could go seriously wrong".
Through the week I had bought 100 litres of fuel (petrol 91) for use in the 3 petrol powered S2A's that were going to the event, the other Land Rover (1988 110 FFR Isuzu diesel)everything was in place for 2 Land Rovers to make the 40 mile trip to Clarence town, meet n greet friends etc, then at 0930hrs the convoy was formed up to go on the run to the Lostock dam some 90k's away, the temp was climbing it was in the low 30's and quite warm in the 'sports car' aka Gunbuggy shown here being driven by my son Kyle
the convoy left on time and we motored along the back roads at around 35/40mph mark,

 I got sunburn on my legs and ears LOL (ouch), we did get held up a few times to allow the stragglers to catch up in Gresford, note it's a bustling metropolis LOL, if we were not there nobody would have been outside LOL

we continued along a little slower now as we were on really narrow roads and some with bridge repairs happening, we caught the crew at this worksite by surprise, they had never seen so many ex mil machines

the Studebaker was having a fuel issue and needed to be pushed up the next big hill, it was pushed by a 100" Chev Blitz

and my wife Dianne with our toy poodle as a passenger in the 110

we rolled along until the dam came in sight, where they formed up for a photo shoot

and another angle with all on the bridge, if you look closely I'm on the wall with a white dot that is our toy poodle (roughly middle of the image)

this was where my trouble started "what could go wrong" LOL, well my son had been driving it was hot 36c, and on trying to restart the engine, I wasn't paying attention and he flooded it, that combined with ?? possible fuel vaporisation, we swapped places quickly but it was too late he had flooded it, how embarrassing we had tried to push start it to no avail so it was towed off the bridge, even towing it with another vehicle made little difference,

at least I was towed by another gunbuggy LOL n not a jeep that would have been a bitter pill, anyway it was eventually towed to the area where the BBQ was well n truly underway, after parking the vehicle in the shade with the bonnet up and approx. 90 minutes had passed, I decided that instead of driving back to C/town (as I had intended to leave it over night and come back Saturday morning with 3 others) anyway I decided best it went home just in case.
It fired up but was running rough n rich, we headed home some 55 miles away, it was basically uneventful except for the traffic etc around Maitland, we had used 11 gallons of fuel for just over 100 miles that was bad++, it was parked in the back shed.
Saturday morning dawned, my eldest daughter Fiona arrived overnight from Sydney, we set off for C/town at 0715hrs, here's Fiona driving the M/P vehicle

and Kyle driving 112-501, with the good wife following in the 110

the parade kicked off @ 0900hrs, we had a fly past of 5 Tiger Moth aircraft, sorry about the poor image but there are 5 planes in it LOL

all up there were 82 vehicles, this is only the 4th time the event has been staged so that's not a bad effort from all involved, there was a real mixture of vehicles from a Stuart tank

to a Saracen, the owner had a long beard and he looked like Donald S aka 'Oddball' LOL

to a GMC DUKW along with 5 amphib/jeeps

quite a few Land Rovers my 2 closest to camera

our 110

and on the streets low flying LOL a Carrier

the DUKW and her ducklings on the water

I think that here in Oz there is nothing so more beautiful than 2 88" GS standing next to each other LOL

we headed home around 1400hrs as I wanted to make a start on finding the issues with the gunbuggy.
Sunday morning dawned to be another warm day, but I was able to work in the shade of the shed, I got the good wife to help me off with bonnet, then I started the engine just to fill the carby with fuel as I needed to know whether the float level was too high

I didn't think that the float level was high so I removed the carby from the manifold and stripped it down checking things as I went, I used the freeze spray to remove this item as I thought the ball may have been stuck but if it was it wasn't after being sprayed LOL

anyway after a good blow out with comp/air I re-assembled it put it back on the manifold and primed the system and it fired up, I suppose the best test is a drive, so that will happen soon as I now have to prep vehicles for the next event at Greta NSW next weekend 9/10 Nov, LOL wish me luck 'what could seriously go wrong' cheers Dennis  dgs ps if you think I have written way too much plz say so and I will cut it down,,.

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Re: Clarence Town GPA Swim in 2019 NSW Australia
« Reply #1 on: November 03, 2019, 11:23:18 pm »
Read every word and enjoyed all the pictures  Cllpcs you are the man Dennis  wdesmle

Alway a pleasure reading about your adventures and seeing your wonderful collection of machines..

Keep em coming, the longer the post the better when it has quality content  wdesmle   Chhrs
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Re: Clarence Town GPA Swim in 2019 NSW Australia
« Reply #2 on: November 04, 2019, 08:16:53 am »
Most excellent and bodacious Dennis, top quality leafering bdcing
The Puddlejumper
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Re: Clarence Town GPA Swim in 2019 NSW Australia
« Reply #3 on: November 04, 2019, 12:13:57 pm »
That looks to be great event, Dennis.
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Re: Clarence Town GPA Swim in 2019 NSW Australia
« Reply #4 on: November 05, 2019, 01:44:56 am »
Please ramble on to your hearts content, Dennis. I think many of us live vicariously through your wonderful adventures! Certainly makes my day when I see one of your updates appear.
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Re: Clarence Town GPA Swim in 2019 NSW Australia
« Reply #5 on: June 11, 2020, 07:13:04 am »
I canít believe I didnít see this until now. As always Dennis a great post. What a fantastic turn out.

It must be wonderful to be able to travel out in such a fantastic convoy without the hassle of city traffic getting in the way. Iím hoping to read more of your amazing adventures when we give you back the sunshine. Take care.
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Re: Clarence Town GPA Swim in 2019 NSW Australia
« Reply #6 on: July 11, 2020, 10:56:37 am »
Nearly missed this thread altogether.

Looks like a great time was had by all.

Do you reckon you will be out this year or has this virus thing put a stop to it?
November is a long way off just yet, so may be good to go ahead with it?
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Re: Clarence Town GPA Swim in 2019 NSW Australia
« Reply #7 on: August 02, 2020, 08:42:28 pm »
Very late reply to this - but fantastic thread Denis, much appreciated. 

Always find the photos fascinating, scenery is amazing!
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