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Re: The Word Game
« Reply #15 on: May 15, 2020, 12:02:09 am »
'Framme' is a word? What does it mean Chris?

Of course, if we want to be picky, this game went into the ditch several days ago with 'Klank'. Clank is the word, Klank was a heavy metal band:

Klank is the nickname for New York City-based musician Daren Diolosa and the name of Diolosa's band. Diolosa formed Klank in the mid 90's when he was a member of industrial metal band Circle of Dust, for whom Klank was a guitarist. Klank initially shared Circle of Dust's classification as industrial metal, routinely exhibiting Diolosa's characteristic guttural growl, but later releases developed a more melodic, heavy dance groove sound. Klank achieved a ranking on the Top 40 CMJ charts in 2000 with the song Blind.

Or do the names of heavy metal groups count?  bdumtish

Too serious  ferme if itís printed and public itís a word, we are not playing mastermind, metal groups any groups are allowed if it is easily confirmed which by your very detailed response Ďa school day every dayí an all...... kept ya busy for a while eh  whstle

Framme was a bit naughty really, that came from the company logo Ďprintedí on the back of a hi-viz I had to wear on a site in Hamburg a couple of years ago, but then strangely enough I was on a site in the uk early this year and the same name/logo cropped up on some of the documents I was being shown.. its a word but not as we know it Jim  fp1
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