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G'day All,
Last Friday I received this in the mail, sent to me by Darren aka Viamphie, many thanks mate

it was the brightest thing that has happened in the past couple of weeks, I have managed to do
a few short drives etc in a couple of my fleet, but with that I found a few issues that needed attention
asap like right now LOL.
My replica LRPV (Long Range Patrol Vehicle)had an issue with the hydraulics (clutch) which meant
that to get it out and be able to work on it required what has been known as 'Op Rubic's Cube'
moving around the collection so as to facilitate movement around the vehicle

I removed the clutch master cyl, along with the slave cyl sent by express post Thursday, they arrived
in Lismore the next morning (Fri) @ 0830hrs, the company rang at 1300hrs to say the job was done
(stainless steel sleeves fitted) and they were back in the post arriving here at around 1300hrs Monday,
all refitted and road tested Tuesday

the slave cyl as we all know can be a P.I.A but it just fell into place with no fuss, I think it took me longer to
refit the floor sections

it bled itself, all I needed to do was one depression of the clutch pedal and job was done, it's a neat vehicle
I should get it out more often

The next issue was with Chloe aka 112-501, who I restored 21 years ago, we had her out for a run after fixing
the LRPV I felt the brakes were dragging and the pedal was full on hard, so I suspected something was not
right, here she is the day we took her out to Barraba lane Quarrybylong, Dianne looking for a buyer for it LOL

I had intentions for flying the drone
over it, but I nearly lost the drone due to a gusty wind, so I canned that idea n quickly LOL, anyway I got it
home, and where it was parked in the carport with 3 others, I was able to determine what the issue was,
the front rhs was where it was, I thought it can only be one of a couple things, firstly I thought the flex hose
may have had an embolism and not allowing fluid back from the wheel cyl, the other was a sticky piston in
the wheel cyl, so it was out with a jack and a axle stand, n get into it

just enough space to work in out of the weather, I don't like working on brakes with the hub still in place
so a full strip down took place, the sticky piston can be seen yuk

about 15 minutes later it was stripped down

on the bench inside the shed, I managed to get the sticky piston out, using a brass drift, a quick clean
using 1200 wet n dry on the stainless steel liner, clean all the bits, head off to Maitland to buy the brake
cups, nobody keeps anything locally anymore, then it was just a re-assemble job, in the previous image
you may be able to see the modified 3/8"UNF set screw that I use to stop the loss of brake fluid, it screws
into the steel line, it works, here is a close up of it and the brass hex that I use for the rear wheel cyl's

after getting home from picking up the new cups, it didn't take long to re-assemble and refit

I also let this self bleed to a degree, I use a plastic soft drink bottle and green oxygen tubing this allows fluid to flow
into the bottle, then with my T/A aka Dianne (wife) it took 2 depressions of the brake pedal job done, but no
test drive as the weather is lousey wet n cold, poor little S2 88" C/R sitting out in all

so on bended knee, "Can we have our Summer back" please LOL, here are a couple of images taken from my drone
showing the local area, apologies if I have posted them before, this one is looking west up Spencer st where I
live, it is showing the Broken Back Range, it's about 3 miles as the crow flies,

this one is out at Broke, it's about 15 miles from home (Nth roughly of Cessnock), as you can see we are surrounded by mountains, but they are beautiful, the big lump of rock rhs of image is known as 'Yellow rock'

anyway I'm not going to ask nicely again for our summer, so tomorrow morning it had better be back here LOL cheers Dennis

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A picture of Broke you say? In the background must be Broke back Mountains?

As for your Summer, if you had given us a decent one to begin with we may have finished with it already but every time we get a nice bit of sunshine it pisses down with rain the next day. We donít mind giving you those days  whstle

Nice job on the repairs old bean, we all enjoy it when we see your fleet being taken out. Keep smiling
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LOL, it's still pouring rain here, it hasn't let up all day, I have just come up into the house from my wksp, as I have been lifting things up off the floor in case of flooding which has happened before, I just hope not tonight plz, Darren the mountain range is the Broken Back range all part of the great dividing range which is all along the East coast of Australia, cheers dennis dgs

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Grab the nice days when they pop up.

Derbyshire Monday before last

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Lovely scene mate, with a rare vehicle, well rare here down under, cheers dennis dgs