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Re: The Mighty TET
« Reply #90 on: April 09, 2020, 08:23:07 pm »
Given all the dramas going on in the world right now, and ironically starting a new job with the DVSA, I'v still been able to crack on with Tet. First off was making sure the bulkhead, doors and rear bulkhead were all lined up.

This also meant I had to paint the sides of the rear body, as there is a galvanised frame that goes around the top and is then bolted through the frame onto the rear bulkhead.

Other little jobs have included swapping the old style glow plugs for uprated modern ones, and sorting out the handbrake and refitting that too.

Pedal boxes also been getting refurbed and refitted and spring out the lower steering column mount.

Sills, seatbox, change over taps and drivers tank all sorted and fitted as well.


The passenger side tank needed a bit more work, including separating the cradle from the tank itself. 

Oh dear oh dear  brf

Holes repaired with solder and tank and cradle reunited.

Quick check with the hose.

Oh dear  fp1

So it turns out I still missed some pin holes  FRSsml so water out and dried out, then ordered some POR 15 tank sealer to pour in and seal it all up, followed by externally sealing up the joins between the cradle and the tank and repainting.

Bulkhead panels taken off to sort out the heater mounts etc and to allow access to route the clutch pipework as well.

Another job I needed to do was where to mount the air filter, electric (Volvo S40) PAS pump and the battery. I'm hoping to mount the battery above the passengers footwell to free up space on the other side for the air filter and PAS pump, quick test fit of the two in place.

Beginging to cobble something up and test fitting.


And a quick mock up of hoses to be made in the future, nice and short and not running across the engine bay.
Can I combine 24 volts, 9.00's and an Tdi!!!!