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Re: The Mighty TET
« Reply #90 on: March 17, 2020, 10:10:01 am »
Major milestone this past week or so. Basic things first, seam sealing the welds on the bulkhead and cleaning and painting the sill .

Then this weekend with a bit of help the axles and springs were fitted and we were rolling  wdesmle

Naturally the next thing was to mount the engine and gearbox, Now I did get everything all straight and level on the mock up I built on the front of a scrap 6 cylinder petrol chassis, but it turns out Richards will chat with you when you deliver it and talk though all your needs etc and then do their own thing  FRSsml
Chassis nice and level, clearly the gearbox isn't!!!

Massively out  FRSsml

Thankfully rather then unbolt everything and sulk etc we were able to bolt the mounts from the engine and re-drill and weld them to accept what are clearly standard 2.6 petrol engine mounts!!!

After that drama we did manage to fit the rear bulkhead and rear body before the weekend was over  wdesmle wdesmle wdesmle

Can I combine 24 volts, 9.00's and an Tdi!!!!
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