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Re: The Mighty TET
« on: December 03, 2013, 04:43:35 pm »
As I said elsewhere I'v had a go at making TET a bit warmer now its getting colder out there, dug out an old tilt rear I cut off and saved to use as a fume curtain, couple of holes and jigerypokery and its in

Will find out if its any use tomorrow when I take some bits in the back of TET to get blasted.
And just to make sure I don't lose anything finally got round to "fixing" the rear buckle that had come unstitched  ;D
And replaced the old broken plastic type rope on the bottom of the rear flap (fnarr) with something a biot more proper (actually old school washing line  ;D)
Can I combine 24 volts, 9.00's and an Tdi!!!!