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Re: The Life Of Brian
« Reply #15 on: November 16, 2019, 09:22:46 pm »
Update as once again it's been a while
so we finished welding the bulkhead it`s been painted, rustproofed and fitted, Beth's cut out all the rot on the chassis and welded new patches in, she's also took apart and remade to wiring loom.
I've been steadily rebuilding the tub so far it's had:
new rear crossmember and gussets,
new half rear quarters,
wheel arch box angles where the floor sits,
front chassis mounting areas remade,
sill mounting area remade,
lower fuel filler area where it goes around the tank stems remade,
there is a new floor and crossmembers to go in.
I'll post some pics up if folk are interested ?
Cheers Chris & Beth
Boilersmith and Welder - North Yorkshire Moors Railway.