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Re: The Life Of Brian
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We have now refitted the clutch and reassembled the timing case. Then the time finally came on Friday to put the engine back in. The first attempt revealed that the exhaust front pipe was in the way, so out came the engine and off with the front pipe. The second attempt went better but we then discovered that the turbo was fouling the wing, so out came the engine again and EskValleyBoy embarked on "clocking" the turbo. He did a fantastic job and we reattached the turbo just as darkness fell. Out came the lights and third time lucky the engine went in. So Brian now has his engine in an loosely bolted to the gearbox but unfortunately it was too dark to wire it up.
DSCF6975 by Beth Ghest, on Flickr
DSCF6976 by Beth Ghest, on Flickr

We have also removed the drivers side end of the seatbox because it didn't look particularly good and while the seatbox is out and in pieces we may as well do it properly and replace it as well so we picked a new one up on the way home. Tomorrows job is hopefully going to be picking up a new pair of seats and beginning to reassemble the seatbox.
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