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Re: The Life Of Brian
« on: December 15, 2017, 07:35:53 pm »
Well, since my last post we seem to have spent rather a lot of time doing not a great deal...
The flywheel housing has returned and has been reattached as has the flywheel and starter motor.
DSCF6914 by Beth Ghest, on Flickr

We decided that while the engine was out we would replace the timing belt and unfortunately when we removed the cover it was discovered that one of the studs was broken and had been for quite some time, so off came the rest of the timing case and Chris spent 2 days trying to pick the remains of the rusty thread out of the engine block.
DSCF6916 by Beth Ghest, on Flickr

In the meantime I decided to start removing the seat box ready to attach the new battery tray under the passenger seat, unfortunately when we got it unbolted (after snapping several bolts and taking a hacksaw blade, hammer and chisel to another) we discovered that the back rail and passenger side end need replacing too, so we were back to waiting for parts.
DSCF6936 by Beth Ghest, on Flickr
As you can see, by this point I had become slightly annoyed with Brian and the fact that I was sitting on a piece of damp ply on the ground in the cold, so decided that he may as well make himself useful and sat on the passenger seat (which is rather comfy) to remove the seatbox.

That was nearly 2 weeks ago and we probably won't get chance to do any more until after Christmas now so poor Brian is sat cold, alone and engine-less. Although we are now in possession of the repair panels for the seat box, battery tray, spacer for remounting the alternator, radiator, intercooler and timing belt so with any luck progress shall be swift when we eventually get another crack at it as I'm itching to take him laning round a few places we've discovered at work in the last few weeks  ;D
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