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Re: The Life Of Brian
« on: November 20, 2017, 10:25:10 pm »
So last weekend we spent Saturday firing up the 200tdi and removing the clutch and flywheel housing, ready to send the flywheel housing off for modification to fit to my series 3 box. Unfortunately for Chris I offered to remove the sump plug because I had gloves on and he didn't but I forgot that there is a little bit of pressure behind the oil when draining it and therefore I managed to drop the sump plug into the pot which then splashed all over and covered Chris up to his elbow therefore defeating the object of me wearing the gloves to drain the oil.
 DSCF6879 by Beth Ghest, on Flickr
We also started to disconnect everything to enable us to remove the old lump, including removing the front panel. On Sunday morning we set about removing the old lump and then stripped it of useful parts including the clutch for reuse with the 200tdi.
 DSCF6884 by Beth Ghest, on Flickr
Unfortunately in removing the engine it revealed a hole in the chassis so Chris went to dig out the grinder and welder to patch it up.
DSCF6889 by Beth Ghest, on Flickr
This weekend also consisted of Chris welding up holes but this time in the bulkhead, well until both of the welders gave up anyway, because the flywheel housing hasn't been returned yet. Hopefully that will be back here by next weekend so we can get on with putting the 200tdi back together and ready to go in. He patched up under the vent on the drivers side and refixed the bonnet hinge on that side, there are still a couple of holes on the passengers side which need attending to when we get the welder fixed. The holes above the vents and behind the dash will wait until the weather gets better again.
DSCF6897 by Beth Ghest, on Flickr
Unfortunately I forgot to take photos of the finished product but I'll take some next week.

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