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Finally some good news!!!

The first of the wheels is just 'back from paint' as they say in car renovation shows. And by which I mean, Ive finished painting it in my back garden/shed.

Finish has come out lovely, this is the first time Ive ever been patient while painting anything and its paid off for sure! Two coats of etch primer on bare metal, three coats of filler primer with 24 hours drying between coats, then three coats of Paintman's finest limestone synthetic (again with 24 hours between coats) They are now going to sit and cure for about six weeks, as I test painted a couple of bits in this paint and it does take a while to PROPERLY dry out and harden, by which point I should have the money for some new tyres.

Pretty happy how its come out given the state it was in! (see pics in post above) and I'm now verymuch looking forward to getting these on

In other news, Ive decided to finish the rebuild of the original gearbox and then save the reinstallation until I can fit a rebuilt replacement engine with it. The block is holding water fine at present with the help of some K-seal and JB weld and although Im not going to do the long drive up to Leafers on it this year, I feel I should be able to get a block and re build it by this time next year and fit the whole engine and gearbox together next spring. (obviously this will be hastened if the block blows up in the mean time but fingers crossed)