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I wanted to change the motor to some 235/85/16 tyres (thinking Goodyear MT/r) so I procured a set of old Defender rims that are a 1/2" wider and 1" greater offset than the original series wheels (next up how to suck an egg) hopefully this will give her a bit of a wider stance (and a few more MPHs at top end) but without being too silly and hopefully look fairlly original while allowing the larger tyre to be fitted.

So this is what they looked like:

I cleaned them up with the grinder

primed them

painted them

lacquered them...

and then the lacquer reacted with the paint and they were all ruined  hsscd

So then, a little tired, I got a friend to acid dip and blast them (which made me feel good as they are much better surface now


and am about to order some fresh paint from paint man this weekend and should have the money for tyres by the end of February.
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