Author Topic: The finally excepting the inevitable. She's not as perfect as I thought!  (Read 344 times)

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Ok so what happened prior to now, well Ive taken these updates from the spreadsheet I have documenting what Ive done so far, its nearly at the point of making me cry but it feed in so Ive included it ...

Mud flaps

Dash Binnacle light bulbs
Demister Pipes
Exhaust mid section
Clevis fork for handbrake
Clutch Plate
Clutch cover
Clutch release bearing

Reconditioned Gearbox

Voltage stabiliser
O rings for hub caps
Bonnet strip
Rocker cover gasket
Prop shaft
O/s front tyre puncture repair
Dizzy cap (ducellier)
HT Lead set
Ignition Coil Bosch
Sparkplugs champion
Rotor arm (ducellier)
Fuel tank gasket set
Carburettor re build kit (weber genuine)
Hub seal
Brake shoes front

Temp sender (water/oil)
Drivers door handle/lock
Clutch slave cylinder
Rear door hinge rebuild kit
Wiper blade kit
Seals (door top to bottom x2)
Door tops x2 to replace the rather needy old ones

Ive worked my way through all the chases bushes replacing them all with original style jobs (that's a good time eh? everyone loves doing chassis bushes right?)

Had some rust on the chassis plated with some good steel plate (not by me and didn't photograph but will one day)