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Re: The BIG Bus 1967 109.
« on: April 12, 2018, 07:25:40 pm »
Hi Toby, sorry just seen this. Yes the 109 is going ok, had a few teething troubles which have been sorted out and a few more which still need sorting. I really need a heater for next winter, I can't do another without one. Its not so much the temp as the constant steaming up. I need a door top on the drivers side as when it it rains I get soaked rbchn. It needs some new tyres in the not so distant future but these have to wait as I have had to put what little funds I have into the 80" which has a growing list of jobs (and being my fav it always gets priority) as it has some work to do this summer.
The 109 has a S3 gearbox in with a Sailsbury axle with higher ratios. I try and drive sympathetically, The gearbox was noisy when I got the motor but so far so good. I had worn out the OD on the 80" (it was new when I got twenty years ago!) so I stole the one off the 109 to put on and thats when I got the big diffs put in which are way better for my needs, 1st is a little big for some of the Halifax hills but they are generally working well.
I am getting around 35mpg on a good run, I haven't worked out around town but it doesn't seem that bad.
I will have to come over for a look at your new bus sometime.
Cheers Steve.
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