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Re: Ralph the Red Rover
« on: February 07, 2014, 06:34:37 pm »
Well after last nights smashing drive home  >:( I managed to locate a replacement pane from a friend over in Whittlesey   wdesmle
Even better its a laminated pane rather then the old safety glass that the old one was, quick clean up and removal of stickers (believe it was the drivers side from an ex military motor)

Decided to tip tip the screen forwards rather the take the top of the dash out etc and end up with bits of glass all inside
It may of flipped forwards a bit quicker then what I hoped for  whstle

All the old glass and black goo out the way and cleaned up, new clear sealant in place and glass fitted  wdesmle

And folded back up in place before dark and without a drop of rain, FTW  RCK
Can I combine 24 volts, 9.00's and an Tdi!!!!