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Re: My 109" CliVE
« on: April 15, 2020, 11:55:03 am »
Iíve been cracking on with the camper interior in CliVE. We camped out in the garden in the back over the Easter weekend as part of our scout groups attempt to raise A little money for the NHS charities.

The height of the sideboard was determined by the height of the 4.5kg butane bottle for the propex and hob that will be fitted to the rear tailgate. I decided to make use of the handle as a shelf support as a bit of an in joke with the wife about the back being light and airy but needing four candles to brighten the place up.

Iíve managed to get my electric hookup fitted up out of the way with a cubby hole to keep the lead in. I fitted a female socket on the landrover so my cable has 2 male ends and is less likely to go for a walk while camping.

Iíve got the material cut for the doors and we have gone for a table that hinges up at the far end. Iím waiting on hinges and door locks.

Iíve been using a jig saw for all of this as thatís all I have so itís been a case of following drawn on lines and taking things slow.

Hope you all had a quiet Easter.

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