Author Topic: Margaret's Rebuild (Round 2)  (Read 4496 times)

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Re: Margaret's Rebuild (Round 2)
« Reply #30 on: February 06, 2016, 10:09:00 pm »
Done some more work today!

First off I took my old exhaust off and fitted my new stainless system. 160 from Paddocks, including clamps and bolts and rubber mounts, excellent value I think for something that will last the vehicles lifetime.

I still have the old mild steel exhaust if anyone needs one. Its in decent condition, I only swapped it due to just making this as future proof as possible whilst Im carrying out the work. Message me if interested

Next I began actually fitting my front grill after wiring up my horn. Also took the time to fit my old AA badge (I got this off a member on landyzone who was de-badging his 109"). Make a good start until my little drill bit snapped and I havent got a replacement that small. (Capstan winch is only sat on loose for now, which is why it looks pissed)

Then I set about sorting the electrics in the dash. My screenwash had stopped working and this was found to be the grub screw holding the spade connector in had loosened allowing the spade to fall out of the switch, this was tightened back up and everything was working again! Also took the time to fit my red dash LEDs.

The only thing that doesnt work is the charge light. I've bypassed the earth and it flashes up then so Im assuming the issue is the connection at the alternator end (which would make sense as the alternator has been off

Will carry on tomorrow fitting lights to wings, etc. and may get a bit of painting done
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