Author Topic: Margaret's Rebuild (Round 2)  (Read 4499 times)

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Re: Margaret's Rebuild (Round 2)
« Reply #15 on: December 19, 2015, 07:27:30 pm »
Progress has resumed!

My gauges came from America this week so I set about fitting them. I cut the vinyl cover out with a stanley knife (I still have it so can always reuse it later if i want to. I discovered that although they were a perfect fit in the holes, they wouldnt sit right due to coming into contact with the switch panel above so I took that off and cut the bottom off it, result a perfect fit :) I will make a proper switch panel out of aluminium to go there eventually which is why it doesnt look amazing at the minute but the gauges look smart :)

I also got around to fitting my new transfer box sump plate

Also finally made a start on the dumbirons. The passenger side ones getting done first as that was the worst one. As Baldrick says, I have a cunning plan for aligning everything up

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