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Re: Alfred the 109
« Reply #30 on: March 11, 2018, 09:37:53 pm »
Thanks Eddie!  Steering not so wobbly as such but still too much play.  The relay looks okay but think the steering box is past its best and the ball joint between the box and relay is badly worn too.  Both on the list to be looked at (I started from the bottom and have worked my way up).

Yes, planning to calibrate the spare speedo you had to suit the diffs.  The current speedo reads in kph (with mph in small numbers) and doesn't reflect the actual speed traveled, hence the speeding ticket within 8 hours owning Alfred  ;D  The odometer bit has also stopped working.

Passenger door fits pretty well but just needs more time adjusting the new catch to close properly.  The bottom of the door frame has seen better days though.  Drivers door is a poor fit.  I've got the door top raised at the rear with extra rubber to close the gaps a but better but will need work at the hinges.

I plan to add some soundproofing on the B bulkhead, especially behind where the speakers are but will have to wait for a slightly warmer day.  My son has "borrowed" the playground matting for his Defender but may have to grab it back and try under the rubber mat.

Silver and black plates to be ordered soon ;D
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