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Re: 1968 Series IIA Carawagon
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LostInFrance: Cheers, and yes, it's really not that bad, all things considered. If I were to simply attack the chassis, bulkhead, brakes and electrics, it could probably be made roadworthy without all that much trouble. Given the use I plan to get out of it though, I'd rather go through the lot so I know everything's been done properly and won't need overly regular repairs.

The woodwork will definitely be on the list, as you say. I had to move the roof about recently to allow the side window in the garage to be replaced, and things deteriorated further in the process, so it's worse now than it appears in the photos on this thread.

I think the hinged end sections of the roof itself are good enough to reuse, as they've been well protected by the aluminium above them:

Everything else is well gone. Both of the painted pieces that the roof clamps down to when collapsed have fallen off completely now, so I've put a ratchet strap around the entire roof to hold what's left together for the time being!

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