Author Topic: 1968 Series IIA Carawagon  (Read 2498 times)

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Re: 1968 Series IIA Carawagon
« Reply #15 on: October 27, 2016, 06:09:02 pm »
You're more than welcome whenever! Not a million miles away but might be an event we're both at or something? Other than that you can come and compare/take pics or whatever. They do seem remarkably similar vehicles! Mine even had the exact same roof rack with the alloy box section which I had never seen on another (though have heard mention of a few times). You seem to have the 'Ergo-Contoured' seats too, a Searle option of which I've never seen another set other than mine (most just seem to have standard Land Rover seats). By sheer coincidence, mine didn't have any spot lights on but I added some and they are the same Lucas ones that you have fitted, as are the MAP hubs I fitted..