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Re: 1968 Series IIA Carawagon
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Right then, inlet valve gear. Rocker shafts are worse than I originally thought, but by no means terrible. There is scoring where each rocker sits - just about detectable by touch if I run a fingertip over them. Can't see anything untoward with any of the bushes. The dull sections on the shafts are where they are bolted into the head, so there are no moving parts to smooth the original surface:

Valves all came out in this sort of condition - no signs of pitting, just the usual carbon build-up:

This is only the second engine I've worked on, so I'm far from an 'expert' - any other opinions appreciated. Photos aren't brilliant, so apologies for that.

A few more general photos now. There are quite a few of these aftermarket 'Hella' lamps around - six in the back and one under the bonnet. I have a VW mate who reckons they're 1970s, though I'm unsure when they were fitted. The crappy wiring job was done somewhere around 1990 though, so then may be the best bet:

Ammeter and additional temperature gauge - don't look original, but correct me if I'm wrong:

Left-hand cupboard (allegedly a wardrobe?) with contents as found. Orange lead is for the mains socket:

Centre cupboard with shelving, plus free pans and camp blanket. A cutlery tray slides out at the top:

Cupboard door slots into notches to become a table. Only worked this out today:

Right-hand cupboard with water containers and washing-up bowl 'sink':

Some warping to the top plies of the cupboard nearest the rear door. No other apparent damage to units:

Main bench seat/bed. Needs a good clean before I decide what to do next. There are a few scruffy repairs and splits along the seams:

Original stove is absent - mark on the rear door card suggests it was the fold-down type:

Gap in the floor covering makes it look like a unit has also been removed - not convinced though, seems too small:

Back outside - last remnants of matting on the NSF wing-top. I recall seeing this mentioned as an optional extra in a Carawagon brochure extract in Classic Land Rover - can't find that issue at the moment so forget what they called it. Chequer-plate Mk1, essentially! The vehicle in the brochure photo was only three registration numbers away from mine, so must have been from the same batch sent for conversion:

Last thing - should a late 1968 IIA have screen washers? This set-up doesn't exactly look factory fitted, and the switch on the dash is of poor-quality bendy plastic, unlabelled too. Incidentally, they're one of the few things that still work - the others are the side lights, one tail light, and the horn:

I've ordered the first small batch of parts, to get the head together again. Will keep the updates coming.

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