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Re: 1968 Series IIA Carawagon
« on: October 20, 2016, 09:14:11 pm »
Thanks all for the positive comments - I'll keep everyone updated.

Robin: it's the Joslyn one, yes - price went higher than I thought it was worth, really, but as I say - sod it, it's mine for good now! I keep meaning to get on the LRCC forum but think I'll end up duplicating posts - perhaps I'll use this forum for the standard mechanical side and LRCC for the Carawagon-specific bits.

Calum: I've seen quite a bit of your Carawagon from looking around on other fora, and thought that my photos might give you a sense of Déjà vu! I was shown around yours by your other half (Alex?) at t'Pit a couple of years ago - if I can get this to anywhere near the same standard, then I'll be happy!

Nuggs: if you're trying to salvage something that is more 'derelict' than this, then I can't say I envy you!

First update, then - had a few hours in the garage on Tuesday evening and got as far as removing the cylinder head. Some more photos, and a few questions:

Both dumb irons are fecked. Rest of the front half of the chassis actually looks good, though - haven't been properly under the rear yet, but fingers crossed:

Knackered springs - hardly a surprise, and would have replaced anyway:

Driver's footwell. Neither the accelerator or clutch pedal will move. Brake pedal is free, and actually firms up on the second pump:

Passenger footwell. Both are actually much better than my Series III ones were - any truth in the 'British Leyland cheap steel' theory?

Door tops are dead:

All but one of the original blinds are present - very brittle though, so will make new ones:

Original seat-belts. They're in good nick, so will probably be staying:

Modern mains electrical socket - that's not staying:

Once I'd finished mooching around, I moved on to the engine top end strip-down. Everything came apart much more easily than expected - the joys of an ally head, I suppose. I drained off a couple of gallons of coolant - still the correct blue colour, which was nice. Some water did pour out of the head as I lifted it clear - should I have expected this? Revealed were six rather sooty-looking pistons. The bores look better than those in the Series III did, with no visible scoring. I can feel a distinct ridge where the top ring stops in each cylinder, however - re-bore territory? Mileage is 62,000.

LPG fuel inlet thingy, sits between air inlet and carb. Assume I just omit this when re-assembling (LPG system is going)?:

Why are there two temperature senders?:

Spark plugs were mingin':

Sooty pistons. I imagine they're hard to get hold of if it's a re-bore job:

Can anyone advise what these brown exhaust valve deposits are?:

Thanks in advance if anyone can help with some of my queries! There should be more updates to follow as I find my way around.

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