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Then I had a nice day at work Yesterday with meetings way down at the Western most tip of this little island. I had to meet with a colleague that has a nice series one and so we decided to both take our respective motors to work and drive the green lane that runs through the property in question (I know right, its pretty good when your work owns green lanes!) Gave me a really good chance to take her for a spin with the new wheels and tyres with 60 miles on road total and about four off road.

Here my colleague James leads in his Landy "Blott" between Botallack and Cape Cornwall. This pic was pretty blown out, taken on th iPhone and then recovered to this state in an app afterwards

And this is a shot James got of me tackling a slightly more technical section (he decided to avoid in his 4x2 series1) It was a lot steeper and more washed out than it first appears and yielded a good bit of "flex" (as I believe the kids call it on Instabook) and helped to confirm no rubbing from the big boots

So overall my review of the new wheels and tyres is very positive, with the main noticeable differences being:

  • Better turning circle after a bit of tweaking on the axle stands (Due to bigger offset allowing adjustment of stops inward = more lock)

    Less body roll due to wider stance (actually perceivable)

    Higher gearing equals a dip in acceleration but about 5MPH top end

    A speedo that's now rather inaccurate (GPS for now but one from a 109 on the way)

    Better performance (smoother ride) over smaller bumps (same physics as a 29er mountain bike vs and old 26" one)

    Loads better grip in mud (as old tyres were old, crap to start with, and road focused)

Overall Im super happy, she's driving great and think she's looking pretty good.

If anyone is interested (and has made it this far, Tyres are Goodyear M/Tr in 235/85/16 on early, riveted defender/LWB rims (marked Dunlop) with paint from Paintman (absolutely ace stuff and Ill use again) And if you are on Instagram, you can find me on @juansamwell and my friend James is @Blott1954

Next up a slight re con of the hubs and rear cross member if we ever get a dry weekend for painting.

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Great updates! I like the tyres, very nice  drll

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Hi Cracking pair of Land Rovers and great photos, i think yours looks great with the wheel tyre combo, cheers Paul
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finally accepting that it's great.everyday all day flippin ace
Diabolus fecit, ut id facerem!
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