Author Topic: 1962 - 2a - 109" "Freda"  (Read 1871 times)

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Re: 1962 - 2a - 109" "Freda"
« Reply #30 on: November 02, 2017, 04:22:21 pm »
Not much happening on the Freda front, but I have made a start on restoring my trailer.
This started out as most thing do as a quick I`ll weld the body up and it`ll be fine, ermm nope the numerous layer`s of paint and underseal merely covered the rust and a crack across the chassis above the axle mount.

20171102_161113[1] by Christopher Kelley, on Flickr

20171102_161057[1] by Christopher Kelley, on Flickr

Now it`s all welded, cleaned up and as you can see in a coat of primer. all good fun.
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