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Re: 1962 - 2a - 109" "Freda"
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Hey up, apologies for not being on here for a while, life and all that you know how it is...

ermm yeah so broke her, fixed her, broke her again, went to the pub drowned our sorrows in dark mild and fixed her again

no seriously we`ve replaced the 3rd/4th sycro ring as it was ridiculously worn, we blew the rear diff up near Lincoln so took the rear prop off, drove back up home and replaced it with a borrowed one, turns out all the crown wheel studs had sheared.
We`ve recently fitted a pair of diffs out of a early disco which has improved her cruising capabilities a lot she`ll cruise easily at 60mph now with some to spare, found it works well with the overdrive as well.

also I`ve fitted a set of parabolics and long shocks which has improved the ride no end.

We`ve been camping to the Lakes in the back end of last year, we went to the Dales in the middle of storm stella (good idea that was) good fun though.

Cheers Chris.
Boilersmith and Welder - North Yorkshire Moors Railway.