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A very long time ago whilst restoring 112-587 and with REMLR in it's infancy on the internet (Registry of Ex-Military Land Rovers Australia/New Zealand etc the 'Judge' was
visiting as he did mostly on a Saturday or a Sunday afternoon, I mentioned about the REMLR website, and as the 'Judge' wasn't on the net
I took him inside and was showing him aspects of it, he was taken by the auction images from Perth in 1990? , images supplied by the late 'Bob Dimer'
he said wouldn't it have been great to get hold of one of them, I told him that the images were at least 10 years old and 23 of the 26 had been
sold to a pastoral lease and that most likely they would be trash by now, I was also impressed by them and said to the 'Judge' I will build one
of them when time permits, that sowed the seed and in the back of my mind those images were going through like a slide show, I was also
secretly looking for  suitable donor vehicle/s to construct one from.
I just can't remember whether it was late 2003 or early 2004 that the opportunity arose to acquire 2 donor vehicles, my mind was racing in an
effort to find suitable location for them, where they wouldn't be interfered with, the 'Judge' offered to babysit this S2A 109 175-319 wreck for me

as found in the 'garden' @ Modern Mtrs Dungog, as you can see it was missing some vital parts, these were sourced easily enough, Murray
moved the wreck up out of the garden to where we could load it for transport to Morpeth.
The other donor was in much better condition

I asked could I leave it where it was until I found room for it somewhere near home, lucky for me the answer was yes it could stay where it was,
so I came away feeling a lot easier and could get on with the restoration that was underway at the time i.e. 110-850, then it was 172-562 before
 I could really even start to think about making a start, but that didn't stop me thinking/planning ahead.
At the time all of this was happening we & REMLR did not know about anyone who had one, but since 2005/6 REMLR has found 3 owners, some of
 them frequent this site, with one owning several of these machines in varying states of condition.
When the time came in 2006 to make a start I took a trip to Bandiana as I knew they had one there, I also received help from Stuart K in WA,
materials were bought and stored, the wreck of 175-319 was transported to my address by Warwick Lord as he had a tilt tray @ the time
it poured rain on that day and for several days after making it difficult to work on, the rain started about 10 minutes after this image was taken

when the rain stopped I took stock of what I needed in order to make this viable, the engine/G/box/bulkhead were R/S**t so they were disposed
of @ the local tip (dump metal 4 free) the chassis was reasonably good except for the X member under the flywheel, it was B.E.R (buggered)
I had a spare front chassis section off the original 109 WKSP, I had kept that as I had hopes of getting the 2A fire truck from Toolern Vale in Victoria (600 miles from my home
where I had met with Ian T in 2003, he sorta said he might sell it/might not sell it, so I asked him to keep me in mind, but anyway that didn't
eventuate and as I had the need for a X member it was used for this project, I also used another section of this old chassis for 113-372 in 2010

and where it was going, when the surface was cleaned up

the chassis was checked all over and any faults repaired

The chassis on a LRPV had a few additions to it like twin rear shocks mounts shown here

and mounts needed to be fabricated for the bottom mounts on the diff/assembly

the chassis continued to take up a lot of time but eventually it all came together after many months of slog to get it to this stage

check out the 'Poodle Patrol' in the background, you can't sneak up on me LOL.
The time was coming to bring the Series 3 109 home so it could be dismantled and parts not wanted disposed of,
that process took about 10 days as you guessed it 'RAIN', I wasn't impressed to say the least, anyway the items that were to be used
were stored and the area cleaned.
The need for a bulkhead was urgent, I made a call to a friend who owns a large property around Ivanhoe NSW, he directed
me to a place in Cobar, where a bulkhead was sourced, very little rainfall in outback NSW, ideal conditions for finding older L/R's in good nick

I had been on night shift when I arrived at the 'Judges' place and stated I was going to Cobar, did he want to come with me
so we set off @ 1330hrs Sunday arriving in Cobar late that night, I missed the owner of the vehicle he had gone to work
in the local mine, so we hung around all day until late in the afternoon, a deal was struck, and within 2 hours it was
on the roof rack of my 110 and we were heading home I arrived home after dropping the 'Judge' @ 0445hrs Tuesday morning
I needed to sleep as I had been deprived for more than 72 hours+, anyway to cut a long story short the B/head was cleaned
blasted repaired painted and fitted before Friday of that week, it was a marathon effort

The project was coming along engine transmission diffs all insitu, B/head mounted, wiring underway with a lot of mod's
as I was using the Series 3 diesel loom (as I had a 5 main bearing diesel engine in the LRPV at the time)
As I said before the LRPV is no ordinary Land Rover, it has many bolt on/welded on and fabricated additions including the dash
I had taken images @ Bandiana and I needed to move along on a daily basis, 2mm alloy sheet was obtained and the drawing put to
good use

also I contacted a local badge maker to make the dash/instruction board showing the controls, but that would come later

and other shots showing the construction of the dash/instrument panel

As well as the interior, there are many additions, here is a selection of some of them

side protection guards

the heavy plate attached to the chassis for support pintle MG mount

making the pintle for the MG

then the ROPS

and other things that hang off it

at the rear, fabricated tailgate etc.,

bike rack

with the bike a 'Suzuki' DR 350 (this was just a std bike, but it was the bike of choice way back then, quiet/powerfull

and off the front, steering/diff protection

12Volt sockets x 3 front one on rad/sup panel, dash, and left rear near taillights

more items for the interior

rear tub storage situated in front of rear wheels, right and left of the tub

auxillary fuel tank rear tub (50 gallons approx) + 2 x 16 gallon tanks

and the tyres came off ex-Afghanistan LRPV's

anyway that's a shortened version of approx. 15 months of work full on slog everyday something was done on the project
to get it to this stage with winch fitted etc.,

and in use on the 25th

it has since had an engine change, it now has a Series 3 petrol engine reconditioned, out with the diesel

in with the petrol

and as I have said before if you could restore/build something like this in 2 hours (that's what it took to upload etc.,), anyway cheers Dennis

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Here is a selection from the hundreds of images that I took during construction of the vehicle,
the vehicle @ the Judges place on the day of the move

the day it arrived, rain ++

the instrument cluster, the originals were VDO (plastic types) I prefer Smiths instruments

some of the storage in the tub

the rear M60 mount plate on the chassis

side rails in the early stage of manufacture (in the backyard)

and after all the hard work a nice drive one arvo

anyway I don't want to bore you all too much LOL, only 2 more Land Rovers to go, cheers Dennis dgs

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My gast is flabbered mate, without doubt this is my favourite..........up to now.......Makes the pink panthers look a bit ssies

Mind you a V8 would make it awesome beyond belief whstle whstle

Truly inspirational, you deserve a prize or something.
The Puddlejumper
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Very impressive Dennis! Excellent work as usual.

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Dennis - I'm amazing, just bloody amazed.  All these Land Rovers, all done to an amazing standard. 

'kin epic.

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Well done Dennis

Maybe I can make a case for one more land rover on the drive.

This one would be soooooooooooooooooooo handy for nipping up the road to the shops, dear.
All the right bits, but not necessarily in the right order.

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Since reading these threads I have come to the following conclusions:

You never sleep
You must have started rebuilding these great machines when you were 7 yrs old
You secretly helped design Land Rover and therefore are a leafer master.
You have a time machine in your garage that stops the world from turning.

Given all the gadgets and wonders in your garage I opt for the second   vcan
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Mate I'm just an ordinary person nothing special about me at all, I was born in Cannock Staff's which is not very far from Solihull so I guess I was doomed from the start even though we moved very far away to Aust when I was very young, I wish I had a time machine it could come in handy, yes I do have a lot of gear in the shed and a lot of tools etc and with all that just a little bit of knowledge on how to use them, remember I have absolutely no trade qualifications at all, I do sleep but sometimes that is interuppted by the continious slide show that happens in my mind when I'm going flat out on a job, here is a short clip showing all of them except the Ambulance, it must have still been in the shed, the vehicles were all out for their annual MOT
cheers Dennis  dgs

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That's just leafer porn Dennis you should be ashamed of yourself. Look at them all parading in the street, with their shiny paintwork and Solihull sexiness. To top it all off I bet not one of them leaks oil like a proper landrover.

I'm sooooooo jealous. 

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I was once out with my wife @ her school re-union and one of her old school friends asked me what I did in my spare time, I just said I liked to keep busy/active and that I had some porn she could look at, (Land Rovers what else LOL) she was gob smacked and walked off saying she wasn't interested in porn at all, my wife explained to her later that it's not porno stuff it's just what he (me) calls porn LOL, I haven't been back to any other re-unions either LOL cheers Dennis  dgs
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