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109 FFR ex-Northern Ireland VPK
« on: January 12, 2014, 12:39:14 pm »
Thought i'd get round to finally putting some pictures up in here of my time owning the FFRock

First bought almost 4 years ago a 109 truck cab with Ifor williams back ...From a chap just around the corner from Lode lane ...the chap had bought a brace of FFR's one to cart stuff around for his house rebuild ...the other for spares (They were within a couple of numbers on the vin plates so had probably served together and been cast at the same time )

As much as i liked it with the "Tin lid" on ...I had a yearning to do a spot of Walting a return to soft top was in order (Especially as it came with a good tilt and sticks )

A days fun at the dogs home with the usual giddyness resulted in ...

Tilt back on ...

Then ATU boxes back on


Currently parked up awaiting chassis work .....

The spare FFR

went on to a chap living Anglesey so another one saved  whoo

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