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Re: Hi from Oxfordshire
« on: October 10, 2019, 06:15:21 am »
Hi birdsnest55 and Lo-Fi Thank you both very much for my welcome, haha Paul you have as you致e been very much hands on with this Land Rover and a fine job you have done as well, I drove it in to work yesterday and spent my lunch hour showing people around it, as it had attracted rather a lot of attention in a car park of around 40 odd cars 👍 interesting regarding the front lights I知 struggling to find what is right and wrong but I知 not worried at the moment as I知 not driving and needing the side/head lights on so they are just being used as indicators,
Paul thank you for telling me about this forum as I hadn稚 come across it before and have been having a good look around and it looks great 👍 Paul did you notice I took the overriders off of the bumper, I知 leaving it for a bit as I知 on the fence at the moment but Tash prefers it without them 👍Many Thanks Paul