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Re: Coleman / Tilley Lamp
« on: August 29, 2018, 01:58:26 pm »
Be careful what you run it on as differing fluids have different burn temps and can cause damage to the vapouriser and go bang.

Yes you're right and these ones should only be run on Petrol or Coleman fuel, I find it annoying that Coleman call these dual fuel lanterns and what they actually mean is it can be ran on Coleman Fuel or Unleaded, I suppose that is marketing for you.  As far as I am aware Coleman fuel is Naptha, which is what the panel wipe I am using is.

Yes, I have since found 4 mantles for £6.45,

That's a good price and clip on too

I find that mine doesn't like running on paraffin and petrol at the same time, lol. I may try panel wipe but seems nice and bright on unleaded as Ian says!

I'm pretty sure these are not meant to run on paraffin,  but I may be wrong....  If you're happy with unleaded, go with that. It's easier to get, half the price of panel wipe and about the fifth of the price of Coleman fuel,  a replacement generator for these is roughly around £20 so the worst case scenario if it did block it up, I would have thought it would be a long time in getting there.  The other alternative would be run it on something else every now and again just to clean out all the impurity build up from unleaded. However that all said,  I understand what Ian is saying earlier and they just might not be running them long enough, I generally run mine for at least 3 - 4 hours at time.

Has anyone tried ethanol or IPA (isopropyl alchohol, not beer)? I can get unlimited supplies of those.... but i'd imagine they are far too thin and would just turn into a massive flare
Not heard of that,  just had a google and come up with this thread happy reading!
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