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Re: Coleman / Tilley Lamp
« on: August 27, 2018, 11:45:08 pm »
I like the Northstar, itís a nice lantern but can be a bit pricey and they are a doddle to light however if buying second hand make sure that the ignitor is present and working otherwise it is around £20 to replace.

All I never really go for the Tilley branded lanterns, generally my go to lanterns are (in the following order)
Petromax 829, gives loads of light and with the rapid pre-heater means not faffing with a meths pre heater - if buying one go for a pre 1990 one as they are known to be a lot better quality - currently looking for a Bundeswehr model to add to the collection.
Milspec Coleman, itís Walty and nice. The funnel and cap are chained to the lamp so no loosing them and there is a spares compartment on the lantern too so no searching for mantles or other stuff.
Coleman 201, nice little lamp and one of the few Colemans that runs on Paraffin (or Kerosene as itís an American lamp)
Vapalux 320 - British military issue paraffin lamp, donít really need to say anymore!

Only thing I would say about Colemans is that sometime the spares can be pricey as you may not be able to get them in the UK, should be OK with the Northstar and other recent models (like that above) though I do have a few older models that are out of service due to lack of spares in the UK and Iím currently putting an order together with Old Coleman Spares -  I suppose you could say that about a lot of obsolete stuff
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