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Re: Coleman / Tilley Lamp
« on: August 27, 2018, 10:44:03 pm »
Tilley lamps are sooooo yesterday compared to petrol Colemans...

Colemans are less pfaff to light and take far far less looking after than parrafin Tilley types.

Our northstar even has push button ignition and no need for meths (well worth removing the ignitor pack and storing somewhere dry if not using it for a while)
Panel wipe is good though unleaded is fine as long as you keep them (cookers as well as lanterns) running hot for long enough.
In fairness I strip and service ours once a season to keep them on top form.

They crop up for peanuts on gumtree/schpock/ebay for peanuts if you keep your eyes open.

Any spares you buy... Mantles/pumps/vaporiser assemblies etc... Make sure they are gen Coleman as copies are frankly dog ****.