Author Topic: Day out - Elvington Air Museum.  (Read 203 times)

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Re: Day out - Elvington Air Museum.
« on: October 08, 2019, 09:21:20 pm »
That was me splashing through that puddle. Did you notice the extras we gained on our convoy? I mean the army convoy that sort of split us up for a short time. Yes, there were our two series and a fitted for radio  Landy. Don't know if it was a Defender or maybe earlier. It was an enjoyable run out even though we had to find another route due to an accident blocking the little country road we were on. Some interesting buses turned up and several vintage cars. I particularly liked the Morgan 3 wheeler with the JAP engine. I am going to try persuade Phil Thornes to hold this event annually and try to persuade a few more Landies to attend and have our own mini meeting within the main event.