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THE Mission statement
« on: November 23, 2013, 09:41:40 am »
Bit of a grand title i know ...

However, I just wanted to post a few words to both say thanks for joining US over here AND to try to explain the lie of the land so to speak .

I am hoping that we don't need a raft of rules and regulations ...we are all grown ups (well on the outside)over here .

We can do without all the politics and ego massaging that goes on on some forums ...We need to remember we all came together through leafers BUT became friends because of who we are .
Whether we meet each other once a year or ever week ...It doesn't really matter as long as we have FUN when we do meet or post on the forum .

I'm sure we all want to look to the future rather than the past ...and I'm sure none of us want to be raking over old coals onwards and to the future .

I am hoping that we still have plenty of fun banter but with less of the at times quite playground bully like mentality of some other forums,
Chequeer plate and coils springs have always been AND will always BE gay ...(And rightly so too)
IF you want to use text speak ...I'm a grown up i can usually work out what it says LOL.
IF you want to discuss politics/religion ...then feel free to do so ...BUT please keep it civil (No kicking/biting/hair pulling) and please make it clear in the post title so those that DON'T want to read it DON'T have to .

As far as Moderators/Admin etc is concerned I'm hoping that at least at the start to not need Moderators,
However I am hoping to appoint 3 other co-admin to help run this place ...
My idea being that although one person set this new forum rolling ...a committee of 4 will hopefully result in a more even handed and fair running of the place than ONE dictator .
I have three folks in mind just need to chat to them to make sure they are happy to join me ...and hopefully folks will understand why I have chosen the folks i have and support us .

As far as "other" fora are concerned I personally couldn't give a hoot IF you only use this forum or every other Landrover forum in the country.
Feet in one camp or both camp I'm easy (Not in that way though ...well ish) I won't be judging anyone on that front .

Think that's about it for now ...though I'm sure there will be more as time goes  on .

Most of all though ...THANK YOU ALL ...For being here and ENJOY  ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

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