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Important info for LATP Day Visitors
« on: August 21, 2018, 06:28:57 pm »
Hi everyone,

Please see below some updates ahead of this weekend's (eeeeeek) event!

- We'll be open for day visitors from 10am til 5pm on Saturday and Sunday at the National Coal Mining Museum Wakefield (WF4 4RH).  You'll need to turn left at the mini roundabout just as you enter the museum, and keep driving until you spot us. There will be signs up leading the way.

- There's no need to book in advance if you're visiting for the day, just turn up and get stuck in. 

- We'll be asking for a 5 donation per leafer per day.

- The museum have made the decision to charge car parking fees of 5 on the gate - this charge has been waived for leafers so that you can donate through us.  We'll have a member of the crew on the gate during busy times to help the museum staff identify you guys, but apologies if you get stopped.  If you're not in a leafer then you will get asked to pay this parking charge.  Please remember that all proceeds do go to the museum.

- We are generally a little short on space this year, please could I just ask you all to give us a hand by parking sensibly and maybe tucking up another inch closer to your neighbour than you usually would.  I don't like to ask but it just means we can get more of you lovely lot onto the field. 

- There will be a food trailer put on by the museum where you'll be able to buy food and get a coffee etc, or there is a bigger cafe down in the main museum building. 

As ever, if you've got any questions, then please just ask. Looking forward to seeing you all!

Alex - Calum's other half

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