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Important info for LATP Campers
« on: August 21, 2018, 07:11:44 pm »
Hi everyone,

Please see below some updates ahead of this weekend's (eeeeeek) event!

- We'll be open for campers from 12pm on Friday.  If I manage to get stuff sorted on site earlier then I'll let y'all know you can pitch up earlier.  The gates for the museum will be shut after 5ish, and after that you'll need to give me a ring to be let in.  The almighty Leafers number is 07756 058 497.  If you think you're going to be after 10pm, or you have any problems en route, then please could you give us a heads up, just so we can make sure there's someone that's able to come and get you.

- The address is the National Coal Mining Museum Wakefield (WF4 4RH).  You'll need to turn left at the mini roundabout just as you enter the museum, and keep driving until you spot us. There will be signs up leading the way.

- Your camping list number is just confirmation that you've booked in, it's not a designated spot on the field.  For anyone that hasn't been before, I'll try to meet you when you land so that I can point you in the right direction.  For our regulars, we've got a few changes from previous years.  Anyone camping in their motor is welcome to stop on the show field, although we have reduced space so please can I ask that you tuck up to one another, and don't take up any unnecessary room with additional tents etc.  Anyone in a tent will be on the hope stores field (where tents usually are), and we also have the option of using another field at the back of our usual one this year.  Caravans will be down on the nature trail which is across the bridge towards the camping field, and down on the right.  If you are a camping autojumbler, then I'd welcome any help to keep as much room available up on the top field as possible.  If you've got any questions when you land or you don't know where you need to be then I'll help you find a spot. 

- The toilets on the show field will be locked from early evening to early morning, but there'll be a few portaloos on the show field, and near the camping field.  There is a disabled cubicle, and the main disabled loo is operable with a radar key (if this is an issue for anyone then please let me know sooner rather than later). 

- There's no frills with our accommodation so no showers or power, but...we do a cracking bonfire to make up for it!

- We'll be asking for a 15 donation per unit for the full weekend from Friday to Monday - that covers you for your entry to the show, and your camping.  I'll collect money over the course of the weekend.  We're not doing the show officially on Monday but please don't feel you have to rush off, we're not kicking you out!

- The museum have made the decision to charge car parking fees of 5 on the gate - this charge has been waived for leafers so that you can donate through us.  If you're rocking up in a non-leafer (pfft) and you're arriving during museum opening times then please explain to the museum staff that you're with us, and will be donating through us.  I will warn them on Friday that this might be the case.

- We are generally a little short on space on the show fields this year, please could I just ask you all to give us a hand by parking sensibly and maybe tucking up another inch closer to your neighbour than you usually would.  I don't like to ask but it just means we can get more of you lovely lot onto the fields. 

- There will be a food trailer put on by the museum where you'll be able to buy food and get a coffee etc, or there is a bigger cafe down in the main museum building.  These will be open during museum opening times (10-5).  We'll be doing catering in the evenings with sausage stew and baked potatoes on Friday, BBQ on Saturday, and leftovers/pot noodles on Sunday.  We'll ask for food money when you come and get served. 

My general rule for the weekend is to introduce yourself to people and just get stuck in.  If you can help our little organising team out in any way then it would be greatly appreciated - we've got some logistical challenges this year so your support is very welcome.  As ever, if you've got any questions, then please just ask. Looking forward to seeing you all!

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